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This issue:

Design Basics,
The Whole Interior, and
Beginning the Design Process.

Michelangelo's Den

The Best Craftsmen of Today:
We've Done the Legwork for You!

Dedicated to workmanship and quality of materials worthy of Michelangelo's "two brushes up"! One of our favorites: F. Schumacher & Co.

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Explore the Best Resources...
...of elite decorators. We've found them for you.
Great Sites & Sources

Make the Design of Annapolis Your Own
Explore the design elements that make these Maryland interiors extraordinary.
Focus on Annapolis


The Best Annapolis Itinerary
The best tour of uncommon treasures and fresh style ideas, and what to do while you're there.
Marco Polo's Quest


Design terminology and graphs that will help you make more sense of interior design. Tools & Terms

If you missed our first issue, check it out! Discover the design of Florence Italy, and the steps to making sense out of interior design.

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